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Our clients.

We are a boutique business law firm with a focus on intellectual property. This means we are not all things to all people, but we're a good fit for many.

Innovate. Protect. Enforce.

We help new and established businesses protect their ideas and brands against unlawful copying, in the process promoting originality as the route to growth. Our clients are inventors, pioneers and innovators who work in a variety of industry sectors. We help them achieve a competitive edge with clear, commercially focussed legal advice and representation.


We coordinate copyright, brand and design owners' anti-counterfeiting efforts by interacting with global Customs agencies, law enforcement, private investigators, and our network of international associates.

We also monitor the retail space to enhance protection for our clients' products and maintain their brand integrity.

Brands + designs

Trademark and design registrations afford our clients legislative protection of their brands and innovations.

We have extensive experience registering and enforcing trademarks and designs in New Zealand, and overseas through our network of international associates.

Monetising ideas

We help our clients leverage their IP assets to generate new revenue streams, strengthen strategic control over profits, and reduce risk.

Intellectual property commercialisation takes many forms, such as franchising, licensing and distribution, exclusivity arrangements, outsourcing, work for hire agreements, joint ventures and partnerships.

Legal services

We advise on all brand-related legal issues.

We also draft and review franchise, licensing and distribution agreements, provide compliance advice, liaise with regulators, undertake due diligence investigations, plus implement and convert business structures.

How can we assist?

We appreciate that clients sometimes require innovative work arrangements and our work practices are flexible to accomodate those requirements.

The nature of our work means we communicate primarily by email and we may never need to meet.
Richard Stone is our primary point of contact. Email Stone Lawyers

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